Who are we and when/where was Maldazel Apparel created ?

Maldazel Apparel is a clothing brand originated from Budapest in 2022. Kristof and Gergo are respectively the creative and business minds behind it.

What are our roles ?

Kristof is a tattoo artist and digital art creator who goes by the alias Maldazel. He is the artistic director of the brand, focusing on the designs and the shooting photo setups. Gergo is the owner of Choco Tattoo studio. He takes care of the business related aspects of Maldazel Apparel, making sure the brand will grow over time.

Why was Maldazel Apparel created ?

Kristof : "I started tattooing in november 2021 but prior to that, I developed my drawing skills relentlessly over the course of 4 years. I first started with pen on paper before moving digital on the iPad. Those 4 years meant a lot of lonely studies (aside from my job in IT), before I felt I could draw just about anything and let my creativity flow in freedom.

My goal has always been to achieve the same art quality on the skin one day. So when Gergo gave me the opportunity to start apprenticing at his studio, I was thrilled but I also knew I would need time to learn the technique. Tattooing requires a totaly different set of skills to produce art, the technique is acquired through time, consistency and preferably in a good environement. But it's a form of art that allows no mistake. Brushes are replaced by needles and paper by a living skin. Movement speed and Depth are key components to the success and longevity of a tattoo. Because of the time it took to learn these new skills, I found myself impatient at times, not being able to produce anything I wanted like I used to on paper or iPad. That's where the idea of a clothing brand came from. Maldazel Apparel is my way of expressing myself freely (on textile this time), until I get good at tattoos too !"

Where does the name Maldazel comes from ?

Maldazel comes from the vilain Gargamel from the Smurfs and Azazel, the archangel who reigns over the demons of hell. It symbolizes two sides of my self, a dark one that oftens appears in my art and a more funny one that represents my personality

What kind of clothes does Maldazel Apparel advertises ?

We create good quality clothes in the form of hoodies and tee-shirts with dark figurative designs. Kristof always challenges himself to make one unique and original design after the other !

What are the values of Maldazel Apparel ?

First, Maldazel Apparel prones collaboration between parties. We firmly believe that the union of minds make us stronger, more creative and free over every aspects of life. This brand is the child of Choco Tattoo where this value is already deeply rooted. Second, we believe in friendship and honesty. The longevity of any mariage needs these elements for a long term and happy relationship. So we want our beloved customers to feel this energy and join the family !

Third, we believe in hard work. No matter what we do, we aim for top quality ! We believe in hard earned success through the delivery of quality products. A big thanks to Gergo, first investor and business co-owner

Bulcsu, IT head, responsible for the website
Marci, first photographer
Sina, second photographer Models Norbi